In&Out: An exhibition on Contemporary Iranian Art at PROJECTB, Milan, 23 Februrary 2010 – 02 April 2010.

The exhibition will feature artists representing both spheres of Iranian artists of today: those living and working in Iran and those living and working outside of Iran.

In&Out brings to Italy representative Iranian artists, addressing themes related to identity and history, through a diverse set of media, suggesting how Contemporary Iranian Art needs to be seen as a distinct body: the progeny of a distinct national and cultural identity, and not as part of a body of art from the wider geographical region.

In addition to Iran’s resident artists, which form the core of the contemporary art scene of the country, there is a significant number of Iranian-born artists living and working outside of Iran. The non-resident artists belong to the Iranian Diaspora caught in the events of the Revolution and its aftermath.

Notions of exile, alienation, nostalgia, nationalism, and assimilation or lack thereof permeate this group’s highly sophisticated work.

A unique event for the exhibition: the screening of Abbas Kiarostami 32 minutes docu-film Road that go back over the Iranian director photography and follows his journey, out of Tehran while he is on the road, producing images of pure poetry.

Featured artists:

Navid Azimi-Sajadi; Jamshid Bayrami; Nader Davoodi; Parastou Forouhar; Dariush Gharahzad; Khosrow Hassanzadeh; Mahmoud Kalari & Ali Rahbar; Hossein Khosrojerdi; Abbas Kiarostami; Farsad Labbauf; Malekeh Nayini; Ahmad Morshedloo; Afshin Pirhashemi; Seifollah Samadian, Mitra Tabrizian; Sadegh Tirafkan.

Mitra Tabrizian, From the Series Wall House #2, Digital Print, Kodak Type C, 122x152 cm, 2007

Mitra Tabrizian, From the Series Wall House #2, Digital Print, Kodak Type C, 122 x152 cm, 2007

Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Pahlavan,Silkscreen,Ink and Pastel on Paper,180x70cm, 2002

Malekeh Nayiny, Googoosh, Past Residue Series, Digital C Print on Photographic Paper, 110x74 cm, 2009

Nader Davoodi, Digital Print on Photographic Paper, 100x100cm, Ed.1-3

Parastou Forouhar, Tsunami, Digital print on plexiglass, 50x220cm

Abbas Kiarostami, Untitled, 10x15

Seifollah Samadian, Women of God, digital Print on photographic Paper, 2007

Afshin Pirashemi, Shiraz Wine, Oil on Canvas, 100x200 cm, 2009

Farsad Labbauf, Fire Juggler (Head), Oil on Canvas, 56 x71 cm, 2004

Navid Azimi Sajadi, F9, C print, mounted on plastiblok, 91x146 cm, edition of 3, 2009

Sadegh Tirafkan, Self Portrait, Body Curves Series Ink On Toned Black And White Print, 60x50 cm, 2002

Mamhoud Kalari & Ali Rahbar, Breaking the Mould, 2008

Mitra Tabrizian, From the Series Wall House, 2007

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