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Fly with the Cage

Art Exhibition Showcasing Artists Inspired by The Recent Iranian Movement

"If you can't fly out of the cage, Fly with the Cage" - Sufi Proverb

The introduction to this event reads:
In an attempt to draw attention to the recent events in Iran, this exhibition brings together artists to tell the stories of Iranian people. The exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for artists to convey their concerns through the unique medium of art, as an alternative way of expression.
The occasion is intended to unite artists and extend public awareness of the current crisis in Iran. Works to be featured include performance arts, music, poetry-readings, paintings, photography, documentary films and much more from around the world. In addition, there will be panel discussions on the state of the artistic community in Iran.

Leyla Mostafavi, along with Peyman Soheili and Levon Haftvan are among the organizers of this event. “The recent violence in Iran has affected a variety of people, including the artistic community. As a result, many intellectuals inside the country have been jailed or silenced.” She said.
Leyla believes that widespread censorship in Iran has made it extremely difficult for the citizens of the country to communicate their message to the rest of the world. It is of great importance to have Iranian artists from all countries submit their works to represent the growing amount of silenced voices inside Iran. The exhibition will be a rare opportunity for everyone to exchange, enjoy, and inspire from artistic and intellectual freedom.
“Since art is a universal language, we wanted artists from all around the world to submit works and tell the stories of the Iranian people through the medium of art.”

Sources: Salam Toronto: 'Beauty overcomes brutality' & Fly with the Cage Exhibition
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